Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Esme Johnson

'I am planning on using photos of a memory as a trigger for making paintings from. I am experimenting with ways to manipulate the photos without any editing them on the computer but through processes such as taking photos of photos on a computer screen and through magnifying glass/binoculars, reflections e.t.c to create images which become distanced/removed from the original photo of the memory; to try and suggest memories through layers of time and change'

Faith Pollington

'I just wanted to give you a quote though that keeps coming bak to me:

"The necessary condition for an image is sight" Janouch told Kafka; and Kafka smiled and replied: "We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds."

Roland Barthes on a conversation between Franz Kafka and Gustav Janouch in his book Camera Obscura'

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