Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Students from Wimbledon College of Art share some of their work related to the Memento project.

Student: Rachel Wrigley

''In my practice I investigate the surface of our architectural surroundings, looking for interactions with the surface or change & contrast in materials. Recently I have been taking graphite rubbings to document the texture of surfaces. Using the word ‘document’ these drawings become photographic, because they are a representation of the ‘real.’

For memento I would like to propose to take a series of graphite rubbings from my parental home. I find every time I return home it has changed, maybe not physically but the atmosphere changes, for me, taking these ‘photographs’ would be a way to stop in time, any change that may continue to happen. Using a 6 x 4 size piece of paper to reflect the standard size of a photograph. These textural photographs, like any other type of photograph, would provide, for me, a memory of home.''

Student:Lianne Victoria Hoi Yue Chan

ink on surrey cartridge paper. approx. 30 x 40 cm
This is from a series of eight. recently exhibited on Vyner Street.

Student: Abigail Lipski

3x3 inches on canvas, brown image on board.They are of personal childhood memories.

Student: Silivie Jacobi

''The paintings that I am currently working on are about the absence and presence of the human figure. Rather than describing the character of a "protagonist" I depict the environment around them and suggest that the person is absent. 

This facilitates a different understanding of memory as we tend to identify a human trace in these paintings. I suggest that there was a person present in a non defined moment before that  moment I am creating.
So we remember something that is visually absent by creating an illusory window that suggests it could be present.''


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