Memento II

Memento II Flyer: Enschede
Designed by Inés Tarradellas

The following images show the process and work of Sarah Catherine Gifford who exchanged from Wimbledon College of Art: Theatre Design for Performance to ArtEZ Enschede: Monumental Art, Feb-June 2010

Sarah Catherine Gifford's Memory: 'I have many memories of my Grandmother, I know exactly what she was like, how she laughed and joked, how she walked and talked; she reminds me of my mother. But my Grandmother died a week before I was born. These are fake memories; collected from others memories of her. They are not my own and not worth keeping.'

An initial image: part of a process

500 Porcelin Tiles, each with an Iron-Oxide printed image.

Opening at the Gallery Broekhuis, (Enschede, The Netherlands)a two hour performance, breaking each of the 500 tiles.

Although on the opening night there was a performance, the 'evidence' of that performance was left for the duration of the exhibition. One 'multipule' (as shown below), a single unbroken tile was sent in a wooden box to each of the participating institutions. The tile was not protected and would inevitably arrive broken.

More pictures from Memento II in Enschede