Friday, 26 November 2010

UPDATE: Funding and Venue

Sarah Catherine Gifford:In relation to Memento III in London


The Student Union have donated venues 272 High Holborn (Hub) gallery space and CSM (Central Saint Martins) gallery space.

Exhibition dates
23rd-30th May (Holborn)
 30th May-6th June (CSM)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


The Memento Project is an international educational exhibition; this is its third year running. It was first started at AKI, ArtEZ by Rudi Bastiaans (silkscreen dept.), Erik Kok (ceramics dept.), Willem Boom (silkscreen and plastic dept.) and Marcel Vos (photography dept.)

The theme of the project focuses on Memory and Recollection (Memento).The intention is that multiple exhibitions will be held simultaneously in all participating countries at a site chosen by each participating college.

Meetings are commencing between Simon Betts: Associate Dean for Wimbledon College of Art, Jim Pearson: CCW Erasmus Coordinator, Derek Harris: Head of Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art, Hillary Baxter: Head of Theatre at Wimbledon College of Art and/or Michael Pavelka: Pathway Leader for Design for Performance.

Sarah Catherine Gifford's role:

Upon my Erasmus exchange to the University ArtEZ in Enschede, The Netherlands in Feb-June 2010; I participated as a performance artist on Memento II project.

I continued to have a passion for International exchanges and on my return to Wimbledon in September 2010 I organised a 'Returning Erasmus Students Exhibition', highlighting the quality of work produced while these students were on their exchanges. This exhibition was also advertised at the 'University of Arts London Freshers' Fair' encouraging interested first and second year students to view the work and meet those who were returning from exchanges.

As a result of the contacts that I made whilst on my Erasmus exchange I pursued the idea of becoming the London liaison and curator for the international educational exhibition: 'Memento III' as part of my final major project. With a returning visit to Holland along with meetings with Wimbledons academic and administrative staff the project is now supported by Wimbledon College of Art.

In relation to the project as part of my degree (Design for Performance) I will be in charge of the funding, the venue, advertising and curation of the exhibition in London. Furthermore, collaboration is an essential part of this project and I will endeavour to collaborate with as many students, tutors, institutions and countries as possible. 

This blog is not only intended to promote 'Memento III' but also to allow Memento students to learn more about the project, support each other, receive recent information and post images and thoughts relating to their own work.