Tuesday, 29 March 2011


A reminder to ALL WIMBLEDON MEMENTO STUDENTS your work must be handed to Sarah Catherine Gifford BEFORE the Easter holidays, ie THIS WEEK.

This can be done by contacting me via e-mail, blog or mobile to arrange a pick up time. I will also make a trip around the Fine Art studios tomorrow (Wednesday)in the afternoon for a collection of work.

Contact me asap if there are any issues.

Thursday, 17 March 2011



The Nuffic "Orange Carpet Award 2011"

AKI in the Netherlands has been awarded this for the University who has taken the most care off their International Students. The Memento project was seen as having given them a warm welcome into the Netherlands. 
Particular congratulations to:
Rudi Bastiaans, Erik Kok and Marcel Vos.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Esme Johnson

'I am planning on using photos of a memory as a trigger for making paintings from. I am experimenting with ways to manipulate the photos without any editing them on the computer but through processes such as taking photos of photos on a computer screen and through magnifying glass/binoculars, reflections e.t.c to create images which become distanced/removed from the original photo of the memory; to try and suggest memories through layers of time and change'

Faith Pollington

'I just wanted to give you a quote though that keeps coming bak to me:

"The necessary condition for an image is sight" Janouch told Kafka; and Kafka smiled and replied: "We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds."

Roland Barthes on a conversation between Franz Kafka and Gustav Janouch in his book Camera Obscura'

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Students from Wimbledon College of Art share some of their work related to the Memento project.

Student: Rachel Wrigley

''In my practice I investigate the surface of our architectural surroundings, looking for interactions with the surface or change & contrast in materials. Recently I have been taking graphite rubbings to document the texture of surfaces. Using the word ‘document’ these drawings become photographic, because they are a representation of the ‘real.’

For memento I would like to propose to take a series of graphite rubbings from my parental home. I find every time I return home it has changed, maybe not physically but the atmosphere changes, for me, taking these ‘photographs’ would be a way to stop in time, any change that may continue to happen. Using a 6 x 4 size piece of paper to reflect the standard size of a photograph. These textural photographs, like any other type of photograph, would provide, for me, a memory of home.''

Student:Lianne Victoria Hoi Yue Chan

ink on surrey cartridge paper. approx. 30 x 40 cm
This is from a series of eight. recently exhibited on Vyner Street.

Student: Abigail Lipski

3x3 inches on canvas, brown image on board.They are of personal childhood memories.

Student: Silivie Jacobi

''The paintings that I am currently working on are about the absence and presence of the human figure. Rather than describing the character of a "protagonist" I depict the environment around them and suggest that the person is absent. 

This facilitates a different understanding of memory as we tend to identify a human trace in these paintings. I suggest that there was a person present in a non defined moment before that  moment I am creating.
So we remember something that is visually absent by creating an illusory window that suggests it could be present.''